Educational Life Coaching (for students)

Do you (or someone in your family) struggle with any of the following:

  • Disorganization
  • Late, missing, or incomplete homework
  • Low test scores
  • Low grades
  • Study skills
  • Self Advocacy Skills
  • Time Management
  • Stressed out and overwhelmed
  • No idea what to do after high school
  • Struggling in college, or fear of struggling when you get there
  • Constant arguing with parents over grades, homework, college, life

If you said ‘yes’ to one or more items…I can help!

What is Educational Life Coaching?

As an Educational Life Coach, I coach students on the life skills necessary to be successful in school, college, career, and life! Educational Life coaching will help build stronger skills in the areas of:

  • Time Management & Organization
  • Study Skills & Test-Taking
  • Self Advocacy
  • Stress Management
  • Post Secondary Preparedness
  • Reading & Writing Strategies

Educational Life Coaching is great for all students in High School and College and is especially impactful for students diagnosed with a learning disability, attention deficit, executive function disorder, anxiety, mental health, or any other learning difference.

I also work with adults who are going back to school, looking for more balance in life, or who need support taking that next step in life!

Why Lisa Wyckoff Educational Life Coaching:

  • I am both an Educator and a Certified Life Coach
  • I have a Master’s Degree in Special Education
  • I am a Certified Integrative Wellness & Life Coach
  • I have been a High School teacher for 15 years, and have helped hundreds of students transition to life after high school
  • I am the bridge that allows students to take charge of their education and independence while providing the tools necessary for successful transitions into life’s next step

Educational Life coaching is more than just academic support. Educational Life Coaching focuses on the Life Skills (not just academic skills) that are necessary for a successful and joy-filled life!