What does happiness look like to you?

Happiness.  Happiness is something we all talk about, we all want, we all strive for, but what exactly is it?  The definition of happiness is the ‘state of being happy.’ The definition of happy is ‘feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.’  But, what exactly does that mean, what does happiness look like, and how do we achieve it? Happiness to you might look different than happiness to me, but at the end of the day, I bet it’s the thing we all want in our lives.

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How to make the world a kind & happy place

February 17th was Random Act of Kindness Day. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a huge supporter of random acts of kindness. I love the idea that we have devoted an entire day to doing random acts of kindness for complete strangers. But, one day? Why just one day? Imagine if we spent an entire week,  month, or even year doing random kind acts for others? Talk about raising the vibe!! Or even better, what if everyone, every day did one small thing to make someone’s day brighter? Think of the love, positivity, and happiness we could spread all around the world. One simple act of kindness every day, by everyone, could change the world!

Random acts of kindness do not have to be anything elaborate, time-consuming, or even expensive. Random acts of kindness are quick and simple things to do for someone else that will put a smile on their face or make their day a little easier or brighter.

Not sure how to get started or need some ideas? These random acts are free (or very inexpensive) ways to spread the love for the next month or so.  Now, go out there and be randomly kind, raise the vibe, spread the love, shower the world with kindness…because, you know, we can never have too much of that!

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10 ways to practice gratitude

Gratitude is the act of taking time to appreciate all of the things you have in your life. Practicing gratitude does not have to be anything complicated or time-consuming. Gratitude is a simple act that can pack a powerful positivity punch into your life. Gratitude not only makes us feel good, but it is also the greatest (and easiest) way to attract more abundance, love, peace, success, health, and connection to your life. The more we are grateful for what we already have, the more we end up having to be grateful for. It’s so simple!

Below is a list of ways that you can cultivate the attitude of gratitude into your life. Remember, there is no ‘right’ way to practice gratitude…find what works best for you and do it!

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5 science-based reasons why Gratitude is good for everyone

Gratitude. Such a simple word with so much power. Gratitude is the act of giving thanks and having an appreciation for the things in your life, either tangible or intangible. Research has shown that gratitude increases happiness, helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. Below is a list of five science-based reasons why gratitude is good for everyone in all settings.

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Three simple daily tasks to live a happier life

With the hustle of the world today, it is so easy to get lost in the busyness of everyday life. Unfortunately, the busier we are, the less we actually pay attention to ourselves, our health, and enjoying the world around us.   Below are three simple tasks to incorporate into your day to be happier, healthier and more satisfied.

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