How to make the world a kind & happy place

February 17th was Random Act of Kindness Day. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a huge supporter of random acts of kindness. I love the idea that we have devoted an entire day to doing random acts of kindness for complete strangers. But, one day? Why just one day? Imagine if we spent an entire week,  month, or even year doing random kind acts for others? Talk about raising the vibe!! Or even better, what if everyone, every day did one small thing to make someone’s day brighter? Think of the love, positivity, and happiness we could spread all around the world. One simple act of kindness every day, by everyone, could change the world!

Random acts of kindness do not have to be anything elaborate, time-consuming, or even expensive. Random acts of kindness are quick and simple things to do for someone else that will put a smile on their face or make their day a little easier or brighter.

Not sure how to get started or need some ideas? These random acts are free (or very inexpensive) ways to spread the love for the next month or so.  Now, go out there and be randomly kind, raise the vibe, spread the love, shower the world with kindness…because, you know, we can never have too much of that!


  • Hold the door or open the door for a stranger
  • Smile at someone who looks like they could use one
  • Give a compliment to a stranger. Do you like someone’s shirt, let them know!
  • Buy some tennis balls and spread them around a dog park…random acts of kindness are good for pets too!
  • Pick up some sweet treats and drop them off at your local Police Department, Fire House or Emergency Room.
  • Pick up garbage on the side of the road…the Earth could use some kindness too
  • Draw pictures and drop them off at a local nursing home
  • Write an old-fashioned letter to a friend
  • Write a letter to a person serving in the Military 
  • Pay for someone’s morning coffee
  • Pay for someone’s subway ticket
  • Leave your extra change in the vending machine
  • Let someone go ahead of you in line at the store
  • Mow your neighbor’s lawn, or shovel their driveway if you live up North!
  • Donate blood…save a life!!
  • Acknowledge someone on a job well done
  • Clean out closets and donate your stuff…it’s a win/win!
  • Donate items to an animal shelter…they are always looking for blankets, paper towels, and other things to make the animals more comfortable
  • Donate food to the local food shelf
  • Offer your seat on the bus or train
  • Say ‘Hello’ and smile at everyone you see…you never know how much a smile can change someone’s day
  • Write a friendly note and leave it on a random car, or your neighbor’s car
  • Leave a bigger tip than usual
  • Take a minute while at the store and have a conversation with the cashier at the checkout, if they have a name tag on, call them by name
  • Write a ‘Thank You’ note to someone
  • Leave spare change lying around in random places…everyone loves finding money!
  • Anything you can think of that will brighten someone’s day…just go do it!

It is so simple to spread kindness.  We can all do something every day to make the world a kinder and happier place. Studies have even shown that doing a random act of kindness for others can also decrease our own stress and increase our emotional wellbeing. Random acts of kindness are a win/win for everyone!!

All that being said…I am also a fan of elaborate, time-consuming and expensive…so if you ever find yourself with some extra time, energy or money…go ahead and really make someone’s day!!

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