Letting go of your ego and finding your true self



I have always loved writing. When I was in seventh grade my creative writing teacher wrote on my paper that my story was the best she had ever read. In college, my History professor gave me an A+ on my book review and said that in all of his years of teaching my book review was the best he had ever read.  I was always proud of my writing and felt like the words would just flow from me. I have felt deep within my soul that I was born to write a book. I have read countless books about writing books, I have paid coaches and even psychics (lots of money!) to tell me I should write a book. I have even written down hundreds of ideas that I would include in my book. I knew my soul, my Higher Self, was yearning to write my book. Yet, when I finally made the leap to follow my soul and sit down and start writing, nothing came. My mind was blank, my words wouldn’t flow, I tried to type but nothing sounded right. All I could think of is that a seventh-grade paper doesn’t seem so impressive now. It was seventh-grade!! And what does a History professor know about good writing anyway, he’s a History professor! I know people who can write, they are good with grammar. They know how to use a comma correctly. I, on the other hand,  can write an entire paragraph and only use one period and about 45 commas. Who am I kidding? I am not good enough to be a writer.

These, my friends, are my limiting beliefs. They are my ‘go to thoughts’ that allows me to stay comfortable when I try to do something scary and uncomfortable. They creep up in my mind when I am entering uncomfortable territory, and they prevent me from moving forward.  We all have these beliefs, these things that hold us back and prevent us from being our best selves. I am sure if I asked you to close your eyes and visualize the life of your dreams right now you could probably come up with at least one BIG reason why you cannot/will not/ should not achieve that dream. Those, my friends, are your limiting beliefs.

Think of the word ‘ego.’  The word ego often conjures up the image of someone who will stop at nothing to get what they want. Someone who is all about themselves, loud, proud and obnoxious. Although this description definitely describes someone with one type of ego, there is another definition of ego too. Ego is the limiting belief that is holding you back from living your dream.  Your ego does not like change and will pull every dirty trick in the book to prevent you from moving forward.  Maybe your ego comes from your childhood, or an ex-boyfriend, or someone from your past. It does not matter where your ego comes from, as long as you recognize it and get as far away from it as you can. I recently heard the term “Edging God Out’ as an acronym used for ego. God/The Universe/Your Highest Self, whatever name you choose for it, comes from pure love. Your Highest Self knows the path you are supposed to be on and will stop at nothing to guide you there. Imagine your ego and your Highest Self sitting on each of your shoulders (kind of like the old angel and devil scenario). Your Highest Self is guiding you towards the life of your dreams. Guiding you towards being the person that you know you are deep down in your soul. Guiding you towards living the life you know you were put on this beautiful planet to live.  Your Highest Self softly whispers in your ear guiding you gently and with love.  But, on your other shoulder sits the ego. The ego is scared of your Highest Self, scared of change, wants to keep things the way they are. The ego is throwing a fit, shouting nasty things in your ear desperate to be loud, proud and so obnoxious that you can barely hear your Highest Self. Eventually, if you listen to that nasty ego long enough, you give it so much power that it becomes the only voice you hear and you start to believe it. Now your ego is so big and so loud that you feel stuck, sick, scared, and out of touch with your spirit and your Highest Self.

When you look at it from this perspective it seems so silly that we give our ego that much power. Ego, a ridiculously obnoxious thing that is hell-bent on holding us back and Edging God Out. So, now I ask you again to close your eyes and picture the life of your dreams, doing what you know you were put on this Earth to do. Hopefully this time you hear your voice, the voice of your Highest Self guiding you with love and leading you to where your soul knows you should be. If for some reason, you still hear that obnoxious little ego I hope you have the courage to not only let go of those limiting beliefs but to take your fingers and flick it so far off your shoulder that you never have to hear it again!

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